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Air Exchange

We all would like to live in houses with plenty of fresh air. This design of the ventilation control system enable it to pull out the hottest air via the top of the enclosure. Then cooled air is pulled into the enclosure through the bottom of the heat pipe.


  • Automatic outdoor temperature monitoring and indoor humidity enables your home air is not too hot humid or cold
  • Compatible with any forced-air system
  • Energy efficient – has a 24-hour timer which enhances reduction in energy costs
  • User controls enable you to monitor air circulation and exchange according to your needs
  • Motorized damper manages the outdoor air amount that enters your home, without allowing excess
  • Heat pipe technology
  • Closed loop design
  • Low maintenance and low operating cost
  • You can mount it with ease on only one side of your enclosure
  • Filter-free – there is no reduced cooling capacity

The ventilation control system has been designed to operate with your air handler or furnace. The Ventilation Control System includes controls that are automated which make it easy to improve the quality of your home's air. It offers you a way to provide fresher air from the outside, while ensuring it's not too hot, humid or cold.

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