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Door Locks

Every family or individual requires this security device. You can monitor you home using expensive electronic monitoring devices. You’ll be alerted when someone enters your home, fortunately this device keeps off intrusions in your home.

Initiate thermostat away mode when you’re leaving home and locking door. Our door locks are simple, manageable and secure home locks. It’s safer than using keys which can get lost or use of codes that can be copied.

You can view a log of the individuals who have entered and exited as well as their time remotely using your phone or computer. It’s not a must you reach for your phone since the Auto-Unlock can sense your approach and mysteriously unlocks your door for you.


  • You can lock all doors from any location using your tablet or smartphone
  • You have total control – for instance you can give out a key to family members that works 24/7 or give your cleaner a key that works for some hours
  • Tailored lighting scenes via the lock keypad

For effortless security, our technology have the capacity to sense when you have closed your door and automatically lock it. There is no need worry if you left your front door unlocked.

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