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You can control your home via a single remote, from your iPhone or an elegant keypad on the wall. Get rid of large bank of switches on the walls of your home and replace with one keypad at every location.

You have done the dishes, everyone else is asleep and you’re exhausted and through with reading. But you’ll have to turn off the family room’s lamp and the front porch light before you hop into bed. When you’re on your way back upstairs, the sleep is gone and you’re wide awake again. Sound familiar? You don’t have to worry anymore. Using some smart lighting control products, you have the capability turn off any house light from your nightstand.

You can program the automation system to light a path automatically to your master bathroom or your kitchen using a low nighttime setting. When going to bed, you just have to push on a button to turn off the entire lighting of your house. Your house lights can turn off automatically after you go to bed or after you leaving the house.


  • Home automation lighting includes the following;
  • Remote control of lights
  • Controlling lights via timer switches
  • Setting custom schedules and light levels
  • Multiple control of lights - as a group

You don’t have come back home to a dark house….create the romantic evening’s perfect tone…or you can easily shut everything off with just one click.

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When you want a complete way to connect technologies that runs your home, then the answer is the HAC Home Automation package. You can manage the entire system via your tablet, computer, or smartphone irrespective of your location.

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