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It’s depressing to come to a cold house. Previously, people normally left the heat on during daytime which resulted to high bills. You can now control your home automation compatible thermostats from any location, i.e. at home, work through the internet or in your car using a web-enabled phone.

Features for a home temperature automation

  • Controlling air conditioners and heaters to be used during the time of need and achieve the required temperature
  • Improve passive cooling and passive solar heating via control of blinds, windows, vents, awnings and fans
  • Monitoring indoor or outdoor temperatures (starting from 40 to 120 degrees F)
  • Activating programs that control temperatures in garages, attics, basements, greenhouses, etc.
  • Display of temperatures on read over the telephone or console
  • Generating alarms, logs, reports or alerts in case the temperature reaches set conditions


Control of temperature has never been more convenient. Using a home automation touch panel, you can monitor room temperature of the thermostat and you can adjust the settings to give a favorable room temperature. Furthermore, the home automation system can be used to monitor the outdoor air temperature in real time.

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When you want a complete way to connect technologies that runs your home, then the answer is the HAC Home Automation package. You can manage the entire system via your tablet, computer, or smartphone irrespective of your location.

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